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[One-shot] Selfless Acts

Title: Selfless Acts
Author: Jeannie kerori63
Genre: One-shot; not really much, slight angst but also romance and fluff
Pairing: JaeHo/YunJae
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The plot and diction belong to me; the characters do not.
Summary: Yunho's always put everyone else before himself...

A/N: I've been holding on to this plot idea for awhile, but it came out pretty "meh" so I'm sorry if it's terrible. >.<;;

I heard later that he had jumped in front of the car to save some kid...Collapse ) 


The Forgotten Pantheon: Prologue

Title: The Forgotten Pantheon: Prologue
Author: Jeannie kerori63   
Genre: chaptered (??) fantasy, romance, angst, action, AU, etc.
Pairing(s): Secret for now, DBSK/SUJU/other SM crossover (eventually)
Rating: PG-13 (for now, though if I can convince my friends to add some smut for me it may get R/NC-17 later)
Disclaimer: The plot and diction belong to me; the characters do not.
Summary:  Why couldn't our boys really be gods?
A/N: I'll write a better summary with the first or second chapter, but I don't want to spoil anything just yet...gotta leave some mystery.  ;D  This is epic fail...I apologize in advance. >.<   I've been playing with this idea for a while now, and I've gotten enough of a plot written out to go ahead and start posting this.  COMMENTS AND CRITICISM ARE LOVED!!  Even harsh words, which are probably all this deserves, heh. ^-^;;

Confused?? Yea, me too. 8P  There are hints to what will happen later on, but nothing will make much sense, or hint at the title until the next chapter or so.  Sorry for the crap-tastic ness, again! Gomen~


Short Update

I don't have time to post my really long-winded account of KMF, but I wanted to go ahead and post my picture with my friends so that if any of you remember me you could friend me/let me know...and also so that people won't get freaked out by my randomly friending them. =P


That's myself camwhoring it up with mcgrjc6, roselit, and zenheron

His Eyes

I posted this on Hug, but figured I needed to keep track of it too, so you can ignore this if you've already read it! :D

Title: His Eyes
Pairing (or BandFic): Anyone
Rating: PG
Form: Drabble
Genre: Angst and Romance

[A/N] I wrote this so that you could pair yourself with any of them.  Though, if you must have a DBSK pairing, I did contemplate Yoosu - I'll let you figure out who's POV this could be.  Blame my lack of sleep and music class for driving me to write this.  I only revised a little bit while typing it up, so I'm sorry if it's not too well-written.  Stream of consciousness ftw...


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